Tryout dates for SY 19-20 are as follows-

HS S1 tryouts Aug 13,14,15/ES Rifa soccer & MS S1 Tryouts Aug 14,15,16 

ATAC all year round (AYR) team tryouts Aug 19-23

ATAC all year round (AYR) schedule SY 19-20

S1 19-20 Practice schedule will be posted at the start of August.

ES/MS Activities semester 1 registration opens Aug 23 4pm

ES/MS Activities start Sept 2nd

Click on images to enlarge schedules for  SY 18-19 for S2 tryouts/practice schedules.

S4 Practice Schedule

S4 schedule is for teams to get ready for S1 sports and is open for current gr.8’s who will be gr.9 next Sy to join and meet the coaches and other HS players.

All Year Round Teams practice schedule SY 18-19

Tryouts are open for any ISM student interested to be selected for a school team. Students are  required to attend all tryout sessions in order to have the opportunity to be selected to a school team. If you are unable to attend tryouts for any reason please contact the coach of the team or email

Please note- not all students can be selected due to skill/ability, roster limits and number of teams able to be entered in local leagues. New/incoming students who will not arrive at the start of the school year or may arrive mid-season should contact to advise of your child’s start date and team they may wish to tryout for so arrangements can be made.

Generally if new students arrive at ISM 2/3 weeks after the season starts it will be highly unlikely they will be able to join a team as local seasons will have begun and official team rosters will have already been confirmed and submitted to local league organisations.

If you have questions  send me an email 

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