Game schedule

The ATAC game schedule pdf which is updated regularly by Triz Gonzalez (ATAC Athletics Coordinator) gives the most up to date information on where/when and who our Bearcat teams will be playing throughout the school year.

Access to the game schedule is now via the ISM parent portal not via power school as in the past. A navigation guide is available here. ATAC Game Schedule Users Guide

Access the parent portal via this link, log in with your user name/password and then look for the ATAC Game Schedule tab under the left side quick links. Don’t forget to refresh the pdf page each time it opens so you access the most current schedule.

Please note this schedule does change often and at short notice due to involvement with many local schools and organizations. Check it regularly for the most up to date information.

For security purposes….access to the ATAC¬† game schedule pdf must be linked via the secure parent portal and details should not be shared with non ISM community members.

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