Lightning Warning System

ISM’s outdoor facilities have a lightning warning system in place to ensure our outdoor sports areas are cleared when lightning is detected in the area.

At all 3 fields and the swimming pool we have a set of flashing lights mounted in visible areas for students and coaches to observe. For PE classes or after school training/matches if lightning is detected within 0-8miles an alarm goes off in the security office and the lightning warning system is activated which initiates the set of  lights to start flashing. This is the indication for all students/PE teachers/coach’s or adult’s to clear the fields/pool and move to the nearest undercover area to that venue. When the lightning warning goes off the lights will stop flashing and this is the indication that activity can then recommence.

All coaches/adults are to stay with and  monitor students behaviour in the covered areas they take them to during a lightning delay until the activity can resume. ISM security guards will also assist in advising of lightning status via radio to/from the security office.

This system is in place to ensure safety for all during a lightning warning, failure to adhere to the above procedure places you at great risk! PLEASE be helpful, cooperative and respectful to all when given directions to clear the outdoor areas/pools.

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