ISM travel attire for exchanges and IASAS trips

Athletes, Coaches and Parents, Find above photo and below the ISM travel attire rules for athletes representing ISM on all exchanges or IASAS school trips.
ISM dress code is – beige chino style pants (no skirts or shorts), comfortable black or brown dress flats for girls/black or brown dress shoes for boys (no trainers, casual/running shoes or heels to be worn).  Green IASAS varsity travel shirt . For exchange weekends varsity travel shirt from a previous trip or a standard green ISM polo shirt is ok.
An IASAS jacket if you have one or ISM hoodie can be worn as part of travel attire (please do not wear random brand cover-ups). If you make the IASAS team you will be given a travel polo shirt & patch the week before IASAS. Coaches attire is the same as students.

Travel attire is to be worn to the host venue and for closing ceremony at IASAS Championships.

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