Pre-IASAS and IASAS housing sign-ups

Please note* All students involved in the ATAC/Fine Arts Varsity and JV programs are expected to house to support exchanges and housing for exchange weekends and IASAS tournaments.

We also need other families to support ISM in order to make these wonderful events for our community.  Please print, fill in details and submit the housing letter to the ATAC office. Thank you in advance for your support to make this years hosting all very special ISM events in SY 2017-18!

Soccer Exchange Sept 15-17, 2017- 72 beds needed.  Online registration form Soccer exchange housing form Sept 15-17

IASAS Tennis Jan 31-Feb 4, 2018 Online registration form IASAS Tennis housing 2018

IASAS Track April 2018 Online registration form IASAS Track housing 2018

IASAS Golf April 2018 Online registration form IASAS Golf housing 2018

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