IASAS Hosting tips/FAQ’s!

Some suggestions about IASAS Housing from experienced ISM IASAS host families:

The following has been collected from ISM families who have hosted before or had their own children attend multiple IASAS events and be housed. It is meant to be a helpful guide when you are hosting for the first time….

The IASAS competition which benefits our HS students cannot happen without host families, thank-you, we hope you have a great time with your visitors.

General Responsibilites:

Transportation….Food….place to sleep and a WARM Welcome. Please treat your guests the way you would wish your own children to be treated when they are hosted.


Q-How do guests get to our homes when they arrive on Wed and depart Sunday?

A- Please plan to meet and pick up your guest on arrival day. ATAC will send the information to you via letter and or email with pick up times etc. On Sunday please drop them at the ES playground according to the time indicated on the information you have recieved. Kids may be hungry and shy on arrival, please have a meal and or snack ready for them at your home, this helps break the ice and gives you a chance to talk with them about the coming few days. This is a good time to arrange meeting points on campus each day and discuss the schedule. Please give them access to house wifi to help them be in contact with their own parents, team mates and coaches.

Q- How do my guests get to and from school each day during the event?

A- As a host it is your responsibility to arrange this. Guests can ride the school bus with your own children if that is the normal way you send your children to school. Please do not send guests in taxis…this is not allowed! Often matches will conclude in late afternoon, early evening well after school busing has finished, please arrange to collect your guests from the ISM campus at the end of each day. Students can ride in grab taxis but only in pairs and in the company of an ISM host student.

Q- What sleeping arrangements need to be provided?

A- A comfortable place to sleep is needed, it does not always need to be a bed, it can be a mattress or  inflatable mattress on the floor, as long as it is comfortable for a good nights sleep.  A separate room is preferable where the guests can close the door and have some privacy in the evenings.

Q- Must a parent always be home in the evenings?

A- Yes this is obviously preferable, and a parent must be home at curfew time of 9pm to ensure guests are in for the evening.

Q- What about Laundry?

A- Show your guests how to do their own laundry and they can do it quickly themselves, sounds weird but some kids have never used a washing machine and actually find it fun to do their own laundry at IASAS!

Q- If guests arrive home after curfew of 9pm what to we do?

A- If they have been in contact, they are ok and it is only a minor traffic delay don’t worry but do tell the coach when they call that they were late home. If you have not heard from them and you are concerned call the ISM AD and report it immediately and let the coach know when they do the curfew call. If they arrive home let the ISM AD know immediately

Q- Is my child bound to the IASAS rules if we are hosting and they are not an IASAS participant?

A- No but they should be a good host and ambassador for ISM at all times.

Q- In case of unacceptable behaviour or problems who do I contact?

A- Call the ISM AD or Principal immediately to let them know so the situation can be rectified ASAP!

Q- In case of a medical emergency who do I call?

A- Call the ISM AD or Principal, you could also call the Seda Hotel and inform or leave a message for the coach to call you.

Q- How do we make guests feel welcome?

A- Some ideas are….

Encourage your own children to engage with the guests, give them a quick tour of the house on arrival, show them the bathrooms, refrigerator, where the towels are etc. Encourage them to relax and feel like they are home. Show them the tv room or get their device hooked up to wireless internet so they can contact their parents to let them know they are ok. Provide them with an old cellphone and sim card they can use whilst they are staying with you to keep in contact.

Q- Can we take them out for dinner or sightseeing in the local area?

A- Yes of course but they must be home by curfew of 9pm, no exceptions.

Q- Are students allowed to leave the house after curfew?

A- NO not under any circumstances.

If you have any questions call the ISM ATAC office, the numbers will be on your IASAS guest information sheet for each event. Thanks for hosting we hope you have an enjoyable experience!

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