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Parent information powerpoint- ISM IASAS Parent Briefing

IASAS is a great organisation which provides wonderful opportunities and lifelong memories for students. Parents are an integral part of the IASAS experience by supporting emotionally and financially their student athletes during each season and at the various IASAS tournaments.

Parental support is vital and when ISM Bearcat teams play it is always fantastic to have a supportive parent group cheering them on. At most tournaments both at home and overseas there is always a group of parents who attend.

When traveling overseas to IASAS events the following IASAS affiliated hotels can be used. Each IASAS school has an association with the hotels listed and if you state when booking you are attending for the IASAS event you can generally avail of the host school corporate rate. Google the hotels below for up to date contact numbers and up to date information.

ISM IASAS Hotel- Seda Hotel BCG (Approx 500m from ISM Campus) http://www.sedahotels.com/bgc/

SAS IASAS Hotel-  tbc? From downtown Singapore it is usually 40min to SAS campus by taxi)

JIS IASAS Hotel- Kristal Hotel (Approx 400m from JIS campus) http://www.hotelkristal.com/

TAS IASAS Hotel- Beautique Hotel https://beautique.hotel.com.tw/eng/ and Dandy Hotel http://www.dandyhotel.com.tw/EN/DandyTM/index.aspx?lan=en-US (Approx 500m from TAS campus)

ISB IASAS Hotel- Best Western Wanda Hotel (Approx 15min from ISB  campus by taxi) http://www.bwpluswandagrand.com/

ISKL IASAS Hotel- Renaissance (downtown KL approx 20min to ISKL campus by taxi) http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/kulrn-renaissance-kuala-lumpur-hotel/

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