IASAS Calendar of Events

Pre IASAS Exchanges are confirmed at the annual April IASAS Board Meeting. Exchanges for all sports are not a given. Each school can opt to attend or host exchanges based on their own particular needs regards calendaring of dates and coordination/availability of other IASAS schools or host with consideration of the amount of local competition a particular sport or activity has.

There are a range of factors that determine whether an exchange is offered or not for each IASAS sport/activity. The decision on exchanges calendaring is done with the Athletic/Activities Director’s and the HS Principal at the April IASAS Board Meeting each year.

Pre IASAS Exchanges and IASAS Dates SY 2017-18 (dates include travel days) *inc travel days

S1 Exchange weekend Sept 15-17, 2017- Volleyball at TAS, XC at Bangkok, Soccer at ISM*(TAS/ISB/ISM + 1 local school)

S2 Exchange weekend Nov 17-19, 2017- Touch & Boys Tennis at SAS, Rugby at ISKL , Basketball at JIS, Girls Tennis at ISKL, Swimming at ISB

S3 Exchange weekend Mar 16-18, 2018- Track at TAS, Baseball at ISB, Softball at ISKL, Badminton at TAS


IASAS DATES-SY 17-18 *inc travel days
S1 Oct 11-15, 2017 (Soccer at ISB/V’Ball&XC at SAS)
MUN Nov 8-12, 2017 at ISB
S2 Jan 31-Feb 4, 2018 (Basketball at ISB/Tennis at ISM/Swimming at JIS/Rugby-Touch at TAS)
CC Feb 28-Mar 4, 2018 (Music at TAS/Art-Dance-Drama at ISM/Debate-Forensics at SAS)
S3 Apr 11-15,  2018 (Badminton at ISKL, Baseball & Softball at JIS, Track & Field & Golf at ISM)
Exchange and IASAS DATES-SY 18-19 *inc travel days (DRAFT*not confirmed)
Sept 14-16, 2018 Soccer (North) at TAS/Vball (North) at ISM/XC at ISB
Nov 15-17, 2018 Basketball at TAS, Rugby at ISM, Touch at SAS, Swimming at ISB, Tennis boys at ISKL, Tennis girls at JIS
Mar 15-17, 2019 Baseball at SAS, Softball (North) at ISM, Badminton (North)  at ISB, Track (North) at TAS
S1 Oct 17-21, 2018 (Soccer at SAS/V’Ball&XC at ISKL)
MUN Nov 15-17, 2018 at ISM
S2 Jan 30-Feb 3, 2019 (Basketball at SAS/Tennis at ISB/Swimming at TAS/Rugby-Touch at ISKL)
 CC Feb 27-Mar 3, 2019 (Music at ISB /Art-Dance-Drama at JIS/Debate-Forensics at TAS)
S3 Apr 10-14,  2019 (Badminton at JIS, Baseball & Softball at ISB, Track & Field at TAS, Golf at JIS)











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