IASAS Board of Directors

The IASAS Board of Directors is made up of the Athletics and Activities Directors from each school along with the HS Principals. The IASAS board (AD’s) meet twice each year (early December and again at the beginning of May) The AD’s and HS Principals meet together annually at the spring board meeting.

Board meeting venues 2018-19: Dec, 2018 and May, 2019 in Bangkok

IASAS Board for 2018- 2019 school year:

ISM- Mike Dickinson HS Principal, Mark Pekin/Holly Chapman Athletics/Activities and Marsha Hillman/Neil Woods Fine Arts/Activities/Student Government

ISB- Justin Alexander HS Principal, Derrick Quinet/Harold Albert/Mark Jaspers Athletics/Activities,  Anthony Giles Fine Arts/Activities

SAS- Darren Farney HS Principal , Athletics/Activities, Kim Criens /Tracey Van Der Linden Athletics/Activities

TAS-  John Vanderboom HS Asst Principal, Kim Kawamoto, Mike Corsini and Dan Long TAS Athletics/Activities

JIS-  HS Principal, Jake Stockman JIS Athletics, Emily Easterday JIS Activities

ISKL- Jeff Farrington HS Principal, Ryan Naughton and Gareth Allum Athletics/Activities

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