Saturday Community Tennis

PLEASE NOTE- The final date for Saturday community tennis is May 26th 2018. Tennis will resume in September 2018

Saturday community tennis dates for SY 17-18 are now posted for the new SY in August. Click image to get a larger version which contains contact and booking details….






ISM Tennis Courts will be open to ISM community members on designated Saturdays during the school year.

Please note- cancellation of lessons with coaches needs to be done 24 hrs prior to the lesson otherwise the lesson fee will be charged to your school account or is expected to be paid to the coach. This allows coaches to reorganize their schedule and provide a lesson to another person who may be waiting to get a coaching slot with a particular coach!

For general play(no lesson) court rental is 200 pesos per hour, this can be pre-paid at the ISM cashiers office during regular working hours or can be signed for on the day with the coaches and it will be billed to your school account.

Coaches will not accept cash for court rental on Saturdays. Coaching/lesson fees are to be paid directly to the coach at the conclusion of each lesson.

Please follow the guidelines as indicated on the flyer and note ONLY ISM ID card holders can use the courts, outside guests are not allowed. 

Please note during 2nd season Mid October-mid February the courts are used all day on Saturday’s to host the local ISTA League  MS Tennis competition, and thus courts are unavailable for Saturday use during this time period.



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