Local Leagues in Manila

Local Sports Associations:

In addition to our overseas international league of schools (IASAS), ISM competes in a number of local leagues in a variety of team and individual sports The following is a description of the leagues and the sports that we participate in.
Inter-Scholastic Sports Association (ISSA):
An association of private schools that caters to our boys and girls teams of the HS and MS. Events in this league are volleyball, basketball, chess, table tennis, and badminton. 
Inter-Scholastic Tennis Association (ISTA):
An association of private schools in Metro Manila that organizes Tennis Tournaments for HS and MS Boys and Girls during the months of Novermber- February
Manila Sports and Activities Conference (MANSAC):
A collaboration of three international schools here in Manila namely, International School Manila, Brent International School and Faith Academy. ( Volleyball/Cross Country/Soccer/Rugby/Touch/Basketball/Swimming/Track and Field)
Private Schools Athletic Development Association (PRADA):
An association that sponsors events for HS and MS Boys around Metro Manila.  It is composed of 15 schools, which for the most part are boys-only schools.  The sports that are lined up every year are basketball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis,
tae kwon do, chess, swimming, track and field, badminton, soccer, and cross country.
Rizal Football Association (RIFA) Boys and Girls:
An organization that has 20 member schools that promotes youth soccer for boys and girls, they just recently added younger age groups to help bolster the development of the sport in the Philippines.   They feature age groupings from as young as 6 and up to our HS teams.
Metro Manila Basketball League (MMBL):
A league that features the top Boys High School Basketball teams from different schools that play in the UAAP, NCAA, NAASCU, CUSA, PRADA etc.  The season starts in November and ends January of each year.
Manila Softball and Baseball League (MSL) & (MBL):
This is an ISM formed and coordinated league that we run every year. Games are played on Saturday’s or Sundays from February until April at ISM for softball and at away baseball venues.

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