ISM Heat Policy


All outdoor sports: ISM has temperature displays at all outdoor soccer fields for PE faculty and coaches to monitor temperature fluctuations during the day and thus be able to modify training plans and intensity of training on very hot days(especially through our summer months of Mar-May)

  • Facilities:  Water is available at all venues.  Shaded areas provided for athletes to rest, additional tents will be used as needed for larger events. Emergency (red phones) provided along with roving ISM security staff with radio contact to clinic.
  • Students:  All athletes should bring water bottles to practice, apply sunscreen, and seek shade when not participating in activity.  Athletes should be encouraged to drink adequate quantities of fluid throughout the day prior to and during training.
  • Coaches:  Reduce and or modify training plan/intensity for activity/game length especially in summer months March-May.  Schedule regular hydration/shade breaks at all sessions.  Watch/monitor athletes carefully for signs of heat exhaustion (fatigue, dizziness, cramps, red skin, rapid pulse).  If heat exhaustion suspected, move student into shade/AC, get water to drink, and contact nurse or campus supervisor immediately.
  • Nurses/Clinic: On site or at clinic at ISM sports events. All ISM faculty/staff are First Aid trained and there is a school ambulance on standby for all sport activities.
Cross Country/Track & Field Meets

  • Medic tent/Mist tents located near finish line
  • Ambulance on stand-by at all events.


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