ISM Concussion Guidelines

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The information on this page and on the links  provided is for coaches, athletes, parents and community members. Concussion in sports and in particular youth sports is a serious issue. There are many different organisations globally that have similar guidelines for concussion information and management. The resources available via the links below provides current and researched based information with best practice guidelines and procedures related to concussion injury for athletes. Please review the guidelines in order to provide care and support to injured ISM athletes who have a suspected concussion injury.

Remember- Coaches/Athletes and Parents… “IF IN DOUBT-SIT OUT”¬†

World Rugby Concussion Guidelines

concussion recognition pocket tool

ISM will follow world rugby return to sport/play guidelines for students diagnosed with a concussion injury. The HS office, students teachers and counseling office will also be advised by the ISM clinic a diagnosed concussion so as to monitor return to classroom and academic participation.

Important: In case of a concussion the clinic requests a medical clearance  for return to school AND permission to resume sports/athletics/academic studies.


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