The ATAC (Athletics/Activities) office, located at the ISM MS gymnasium oversees the competitive athletic program of sports and activities within the ISM sports program.

Seasonal sports: (MS and HS School)

1st Season- Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country  and  *ES Rifa League soccer festivals for Gr1-4 students only)

2nd Season- Basketball, Tennis, Rugby, Touch, Swimming

3rd Season- Badminton, Track&Field, Baseball, Softball, *Golf(HS only) MS Mixed touch

4th Season- MS Softball and Baseball development programs

The ATAC dept also oversees our All Year round teams program- Wall Climbing, Chess, Table Tennis, Aikido, Judo, Taekwondo, Gymnastics and Sailfish swim teams. All teams compete in domestic leagues/meets in and around Manila with Gymnastics/Sailfish programs having opportunities to compete at overseas competitions on an annual basis.

The ES & MS Activities (After School Activities) programs are run by Holly Chapman ES PE Dept.

Coordination of both programs is handled by Mei Jusay the AFAC secretary afac@ismanila.org

For full details of what the ISM ATAC(Athletics/Activities) program supports and offers to our students please take some time to peruse this blog and the ES/MS AFAC in order to become familiar with program goals and full offerings from ES through to HS.  Links to other useful sites are available under the helpful shortcuts bar of the ATAC blog.

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