HS ATAC/Fine Arts Registration system

Registration link for SY 17-18 will be active from July 1st, 2017
Tutorial link to guide you in the registration process-

At the start of July, mid July and at the school year HS students will be sent an email from Mr. Collett, which includes links to the ATAC/ FAO activities registration sign up system. The aim of this system is to improve safety, communication and student support for co-curricular activities.

Thank-you to all students that have registered via the ATAC/ FAO online system for your sports and cultural activities for this past school year. The roll out had a few teething problems but most have been ironed out and the S2/S3 process went very well.
An important part of this is once you have registered and made your selections for SY 17-18 is for you to PLEASE check with your parents that they have received an email to approve your selections and that they follow through and do so. Parents will receive an email and a link via powerschool to approve your selections.
The system last year at the start showed many students whose parents have approved BUT it is also showed alot of students as PENDING and without parent approval.
We require your parent to approve in order for you to take part in seasonal sports, year round activities, MUN, the HS play and IASAS Cultural Convention
Please register when you get the email from Mr. Collett or you can log on and register in July.
Remember tryouts for S1 sports  first day of school please register before this date. Tryouts schedules practice schedules will be posted on ATAC blog and are always on school notice boards during the year.

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