ISM Bearcat Gymnastics

Bearcat Gymnastics Parent meeting- Thurs Sept 13th 8:30-9:15am  Venue AMR.  See link below for gymnastics team welcome information for 2018

Gymnastics flyer 2018

*Not all who tryout will be able to make the team as it will depend on ability and the number of positions available. Our ISM Bearcats Gymnastics team is below…
Gymnastics Team 18-19
Emmanuelle Atienza
Joeke Bartlema
Eva Brzobohata
Katya Indigo Cabrera
Bella Castillo
Maya Collier
Sara Emma Curry
Emily Hoban
Kate Juteau
Madison Kinnaird
Ariana Lehrer
Sofia Obias
Natalia Paradies
Natalie Roberts
Seija Strange
Ruri Tsuchiyas
Hannah Veve
Kailani Webb
Madison Wuu
Yume Yorita
Rakhima Yusupova
Jonah Barba
Yohsuke Ogura
New Gymnasts:
Taylor Harris
Kahyun Han
Avani Kohli Miro
Margarethe Kirberby- Garstad
Myung –Que Jung (Lulu)
Mabel Dillow
Minsu Chang
Lulu Marcelo
Leila Gregorova
Marcus Penersen
Francis Wolfa
Ken Duong
Soya NishidaTomas
Zakari Gendins

Still to be confirmed meet schedule for 18-19 season-

Nov 25th Aquazorb meet City Club Alphaland Makati

Philippine Cup Feb  tbc? 2019 date/levels tbc?

Feb  15- 17 2019 UWC East meet Singapore

March 9th  2019 BSM meet

ISM Goodwill meet May 4th 2019

ISM Gymnastics team train 3 days per week (M/W/F) from 3:15-4:50pm and our team will compete in local and overseas meets.

For the selected overseas meet- Meet entry deadline to be advised by Coach Jasmine.

Please advise Coach Jas by email by if you intend to enter this meet, No late entries are accepted.  Entry fee in Singapore $ will be converted to peso and charged to parents school account if you attend the meet. No refunds will be given if you withdraw after the specified deadline. Parents are free to book their own flights and hotel accommodation.  Gymnasts and parents are expected to be at the meet site for Friday warm-up session and in time for full warm-up on competition day(s).

Check with Coach Jas for the meet schedule once it is released. ISM coaches attending will stay at a hotel near to the  UWC campus. The number of coaches attending will be based on number of gymnast entries. Please note a parent(s) must accompany gymnasts to this competition. Gymnasts cannot attend alone or in the care of coaches.

Head Gymnastic Team Coaches:

Coach Jasmine jasvortega@gmail

Coach Ramon

The ISM Gymnastics team and coaches are supported by a dedicated group of parent volunteers. A  parent committee is formed at the beginning of each year to plan and assist with gymnastic events during the year. Areas that the committee works on in cooperation with the coaches and ATAC are team leotard/tracksuit ordering, ISM Goodwill meet planning and the overseas meet trip planning to name a few… gymnasts parents who can devote some time to this group will find it a valuable and rewarding experience. At this time the ATAC dept is looking for one or two willing parents to help support this year and coordinate parent help especially for our Goodwill meet and to support  the coaches with the team Christmas  and end of year celebrations.




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