Overseas sports camps for summer

There are many sports camps on offer during the summer vacation in the USA, Canada and other countries. A google search for the sport you are interested in is the best way to start finding a camp.

Even better is word of mouth, talk to other students or parents about camps they have done in the past and you will soon get recommendations of excellent camps to attend during the summer vacation to improve your skills and sport specific knowledge.

ISM coaches and counselors may also be able to provide information or links to good camps that current Bearcats or ISM alumni have attended.

Any camp links posted here are for general use for students  and parents to start your search. ISM does not guarantee the quality of any camp or organization listed and has no affiliation to any group or programs.

Sports camp links-

USA Sports camps (sponsored by Nike offering a wide variety sports camps for day and residential options all over the USA during late June thru July each summer)

Future 500 soccer camps USA (soccer specific camps for male/female HS athletes with many college coaches and recruiters attending)

Point Guard College (PGC camps)….they are located all over the US.


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