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Coaching from the sidelines the unknown damage

Why its important as a parent to not coach from the sidelines

Why It’s Important To Play With Other Kids That Are The Same Age

Food for your athlete

Two articles below on coaching girls sports. A good read for coaches especially for males who coach girls sports teams….

Hockey-Girls 2 and Coaching Girls 2

NFHS sports coaching online courses link. This site has many general and sport specific courses available for free or for a small charge to help coaches/parents/athletes with their own professional development and education in the area of sports. A great online resource. NFHS online coaching courses

An excellent and thought provoking article on….pushy parents putting kids off sport

Sports performance over time and technology improvements that have elevated sports improvement.

Great video talk on elite athletes and toward the end on why sports specialization at a young age does not work from a sports science viewpoint(15:50min mark to the end)

Soccer Coaching blog full of great information-

Concussion in youth sports..this site has some excellent information, links and has a handy pocket assessment guide sanctioned by the major sporting codes for youth sports concussion management.

Why exercise should not be used as a punishment for coaches and PE teachers

An excellent article on what makes a great coach…

Here are some great links to why early sports specialization is not a good thing for young athletes…

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