Coaches Code of Conduct/Handbook

It is a professional responsibility that all ISM coaches review and adhere to the contents of the ISM Coaches Handbook which can be found under employee handbooks link on the staff portal

ISM Coaches Code of Conduct:

Coaches have an important responsibility as a role model and representative of ISM. Coaches are required to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful way at all times and in all dealings with students, parents, coaches and officials. This also includes activity on social media sites.

Coaches are not to engage in verbal abuse/harassment and demonstrative behaviour toward match officials or representatives of other schools. This includes both local leagues and IASAS competition. Coaches who contravene this rule may be relieved of coaching duties or not resigned to coach.

Team social media sites/groups: All ISM teams who wish to have a social media presence to aid team communication will use ISM google+ communities . All postings on google+ team sites must be team related, limited to the sports season and kept to a minimum. Coaches should not engage in any private messaging or use of individual chats with players via any open social media platform like Facebook etc.

Coaches will not make negative comments about officials, local schools, individual players or IASAS schools via any social media platform.

Team trips: Weekend or overnight team trips are not part of the athletics program and are not school sanctioned. Team trips should not to occur at the expense of scheduled local league matches and thus cause arranged matches to be forfeited or rescheduled. Attendance by coaches at these trips is discouraged by ISM Admin.

IASAS Rules & Guidelines

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