ATAC Coaches/Advisors

ISM Coaches/Advisers for school year ’16-17.

1st Season:


Varsity Girls-Coach Child and Juteau, Varsity Boys-Coach Berg and Paulson

JV Girls- Coach  Thibodeau and Pleyte,  JV Boys- Coach Gelo  & Coach Christian

MS Girls- Coach Dani , May and Cha, MS Boys-Coach Jung


Varsity Girls-Coach Richardson and Cooling, JV Girls-Coach  Roseleip and L’Heureux

MS Girls- Coaches Kleng, Simbana, Manning

Varsity Boys-Coach Ayling and MacInnes

Boys Aspirants-Coach Eric and Coach Aitken, and Coach Metais

Midgets A1- Coach Mawer and Hatfield

Midgets A2- Coach Bizley and Lightbown

MS Midgets C1- MS Coach St.Laurent and Neco

ES Midgets C2- ES Coach Eric and Chris

ES Midgets E1 and E2- ES: Coach Ryan and Coach Mike

ES Midgets G1 and G2- ES: Coach Mike and Aaron

Cross Country:

Varsity Boys & Girls- Coach D and A. Respecki and Coach Hall , MS-Coach Relf, Baker and Rivas

2nd Season:


Varsity Girls-Coach Juteau and McQueen

Varsity Boys-Coach Nourse and Thompson

JV Girls- Coach Meghan and Beren,

JV Boys- Coach Williams and Coach Swan

Aspirants Boys- Coach McKnight

MS Girls Gold- Coach Julie. MS Green Coach Bliss/Villaneuva, MS girls Intramural Squad- Coach Mel and Piao

MS Boys Gold- Coach Sturgeon and Nelson, Green-Coach Matt/Chris, MS boys intramural Squad Coach Mac and Coach Ian


Varsity Girls-Coach  Dodd and Durkin

JV Girls-Coach Howarth and Gibbs

MS Girls- Coach Van De Merwe and tbc?


Varsity Boys- Coach Doble and Coach Andy Brown

JV Boys-Coach Woods, Brown and Butcher

MS Boys: Coach Hatfield and  Gough and Marshall

Varsity Swim Team:

Coach  Chapman, and Coach Hazel


Varsity Boys- Coach Allen/Cheah/Arevelo

Varsity Girls- Coach Hamaguchi and Saret

MS Girls- Coach McIIhenny and Coach Waddington

MS Boys- Coach Arevelo, Mike, Miguel, Ken

3rd Season:

HS Track and Field: Coach Roseleip, Cooling?, Respecki, Unso, and Dodd

MS Track and Field: Coach Relf,  Airey, Annie, Lapus, Titus, Christian

Baseball: Varsity Boys- Coach Willey and Coach Thibodeau

Softball Varsity Girls- Coach  A. Respecki and  Coach Durkin

JV Boys Baseball- Coach Benford/Berg

JV Girls Softball- Ghadimi/?

Golf- Coach Hamaguchi/Birchenall/Nelson

MS Boys Baseball Club- Coach St.Laurent, Cargile

MS Girls Softball Club- Coach ?

Badminton: Varsity Boys- Coach Vic Asuncion and Roy Callanta, Varsity Girls Coach Allen and Coach Kennie Asuncion

JV Boys Coach Callanta, Vitayhil

JV Girls Coach Kristine

MS Boys  Coach Vincent  and MS Girls- Coach Dassah

MS Mixed Touch: Coach Van de Merwe and Durkin


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