Academic Bowl

ISM MS & HS students participate twice each year (Fall and Spring) in the Academic Bowl competition against Faith, Brent and sometimes visiting HS teams from abroad.

Our faculty advisers  work with selected students via a tryouts process to prepare the team for the competitions. They also do a superb job to organize and run the competition when ISM is the host venue.

Academic Bowl advisers SY 16-17-

MS Holly Walker/Holly Elwell

HS Eamonn Hobbins/Robert Winters

Academic Bowl venues for  SY ’16-’17:
Semester 1 – MS at Faith/HS at ISM Wed Nov 16th

Semester 2 –  HS at Brent Sat Feb 11 tbc?/MS at ISM Wed Mar 8th

click the link for a description of how the Academic Bowl Contest works: Academic Bowl Overview

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