Track Meet dates & results

Meet dates for 2020 season-*all meet dates subject to officials availability/confirmation
Feb 22 PRADA meet at Brent
Mar 7 ISM meet
Mar 13-15 IASAS Exchange weekend at TAS
Mar 20 ISM twilight meet
Mar 28 Brent track meet
Apr 2-4 IASAS Track meet at ISKL
Meet dates for 2019 season-
Feb 16 Prada at Brent PRADA-TNF-2019-Results
Mar 15-17 IASAS exchange at TAS (north schools + invites)
Mar 30 ISM  track meet
April 10-14 IASAS track meet at TAS IASAS 2019 Final Results

Meet dates for 2018 season-

PRADA T&F meet at Brent Feb 24 PRADA-TNF-2018-Results

Sat 10 Mar – Brent T&F Meet Brent-TNF-2018-Final-Results

Fri-Sun Mar 16-18 Pre I meet at TAS​ 2018 IASAS T&F Exc Results

Fri 6 Apr – ISM Twilight Meet 4pm-8pm



Apr 12-14 IASAS Championships at ISM IASAS 2018 Final Results

Meet dates and results 2017 season:

Feb 18 Prada meet at Brent Meet#1 Brent Feb 18 2017

Mar 4 at Brent Brent-Track-and-Field-2017-Results

Mar 10-12Pre IASAS Exchange weekend at TAS IASAS Exchange 2017 – Meet Results (2)

Fri Mar 24 Twilight meet at ISM mar24 twilight track results

Apr 6-8 S3 IASAS Track Championships at Bangkok iasas results track&field 2017

Meet dates and results 2016 season:

Sat Feb 13 ISM Track Meet ism track meet 021316

Mar 12 Track Meet at Brent Brent track meet Mar 12, 2016

Fri Mar 18 ISM Twilight Track Meet march18 twilight meet

Apr 6-10 S3 IASAS Track at Taipei  IASAS-2016-Results (1)

Meet dates and results 2015 season:

Feb 14 PRADA meet at Brent  Results not available at this time.

Feb 28 ISM meet   meet cancelled due to unavailability of PAAA officials. In place of meet the MS team will practice 8-11am and the HS team will practice 2-5pm Feb 28

Mar 6 Twilight meet at ISM march 6 twilight meet

Mar 13-15 Varsity Exchange weekend at ISB pre-IASAS Track and Field Meet ISB 14 March 2015 Results

Mar 28 Brent meet

Apr 9-13 IASAS at SAS- iasas track 2015 results

2014 Meet Results:

Feb 8 PRADA meet at Brent-,%202014.pdf

Feb 22 ISM meet- MS results Feb 22 2014 Track meet MS Results HS Results-ISM track meet #1 2014 HS RESULTS

Mar 1 Brent meet-

Mar 7 Friday twilight meet at ISM-Final Results MS Twilight Track March 7  Final Results HS Twilight Track March 7

Mar 14-16 Varsity exchange at SAS-

Mar 29 ISM meet- final results march 29

April 5 Brent meet- Brent Track and Field April 5th 2014 – Results

April 9-13 IASAS meet at Jakarta iasas track results 2014

Meet results 2013:

 feb 23 2013 ism track meet results

Brent Invitational Track and Field Results – March 2, 2013

Twilight Meet Track Schedule 2013

ISM March 16 meet schedule

MS girls results Mar 16

HS Girls results Mar 16

MS Boys Results Mar 16

HS Boys results Mar 16

 JIS exchange results


Meet results 2012:

Bearcat Intrasquad Meet Feb 23rd 2012

ISM track meet results March 3 2012


IASAS Track meet program @ TAS 2012

Meet results  2011:

Brent track meet Feb 12 results

track meet #1 pdf at ISM Feb 26

March 4 Twilight Results

Brent Track Meet Results – March 12, 2011

Brent Track and Field Meet, April 2, 2011

iasas 2011 results @ ISB

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