HS Tennis

The ISM HS Tennis program runs during 2nd second season from early November thru early February. Our teams play in the ISTA League Tennis Tournament which conducts a HS age group divisional round robin tournament for boys and girls teams with playoffs and finals at seasons end.

The tryouts schedule and season practice schedule is  available via the  ATAC blog at the start of the season.

For the  2018-19 season we will enter two girls team (1 in Div 1 and 1 in Div 2) and 2 boys teams (in Div 1)

Each team will be made up of 7-8 players who will be selected at the conclusion of the tryouts week. All ISTA League HS matches for ISM teams will begin early Nov and are played at CSA in Dasmarinas Village.

Coaches: HS Girls Team- Coach Cheah and  Coach Saret

HS Boys Team- Coach Allen and Arevelo

Please ensure you attend all training sessions and matches, if you cannot make a session or match please tell your coach ahead of time.

To check for ISTA League playing dates go to parent portal and select the ATAC game schedule tab, this will link you to the most up to date game schedule which will list the playing dates. Check this schedule each week as dates can change at short notice. Your coaches will advise you of the most up to date match schedule as well.

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