2nd Season Sports

MS and HS ATAC teams compete in local leagues in Basketball/Tennis/Rugby/Touch/ Swimming. See tryouts page for details of Season 2 tryouts schedules….

Season 2 typically begins mid to late October with tryouts week and the season proper starts late Oct early November and concludes at the end of January/first week of Feb when HS teams attend the IASAS tournament.



MS Girls (3x teams Gold and Green and White Practice  is 2 x per week

MS Boys (3 teams Gold, Green, White practice 2 x per week

HS Girls (2 teams- Varsity and JV) practice 3-4 x per week

HS Boys (3 teams- Varsity, JV and Aspirants) practice 4, 3, 2 times per week


Varsity Boys and Girls (practice 3/4 times per week)

MS Boys and Girls (practice 2 times per week)


Varsity, JV Boys and U/15 (practice 3/4 times per week)

MS Boys (2 teams- U/13 and U/11 team)

The older 15 under rugby team will play in the PRFU organized MS rugby 10’s league and have games against BSM and some other local teams whenever possible. (practice 2 times per week)


Varsity Girls, JV Girls (practice 3/4 times per week)

MS girls (practice 2 times per week)

Varsity Swim Team: (HS only train 4/5 times per week) See Sailfish blog for full program details

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