2nd Season Sports

MS and HS ATAC teams compete in local leagues in Basketball/Tennis/Rugby/Touch/ Swimming. See tryouts page for details of Season 2 tryouts schedules….

Season 2 typically begins mid to late October with tryouts week and the season proper starts late Oct early November and concludes at the end of January/first week of Feb when HS teams attend the IASAS tournament.



MS Girls (2x teams Gold and Green and 1x gr.5-8 intramural squad for those girls who do not make the two top teams. Practice  is 2 times per week

MS Boys (2 teams Gold, Green practice 2 times per week

HS Girls (2 teams- Varsity and JV) practice 3-4 times per week

HS Boys (3 teams- Varsity, JV and Aspirants) practice 4, 3, 2 times per week


Varsity Boys and Girls (practice 3/4 times per week)

MS Boys and Girls (practice 2 times per week)


Varsity and JV Boys (practice 3/4 times per week)

MS Boys (2 teams- 15 under team and 13 under team). The grade 5/6 team will play in the CBRE/PRFU sponsored juniors touch competition and will also get some exposure to rugby 10’s with practice games.

The older 15 under rugby team will play in the PRFU organized MS rugby 10’s league and have games against BSM and some other local teams whenever possible. (practice 2 times per week)


Varsity Girls, JV Girls (practice 3/4 times per week)

MS girls (practice 2 times per week)

Varsity Swim Team: (HS only train 4/5 times per week) See Sailfish blog for full program details

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