MS 7 and 9 a side Rifa Festival rosters

MS Rifa Festival teams (7 aside girls and 9 aside boys) will be added below after tryouts are over in Aug 2018….

Festival Dates for 2018 season- to be posted in Aug 2018


For 2018 season- MS Girls gr. 5-8 born ’05-’08- Coach Mora/Manning/Simbana/Bourgingnon- Training days Mon&Thurs ES field 3:15-4:40pm. 

MS Girls Gold-(Training days Mon/Thurs ES field 3:15-4:40pm.) 

MS Girls Green-(Training days Mon/Thurs ES field 3:15-4:40pm. )

MS Girls White-(Training days Mon/Thurs ES field 3:15-4:40pm. )

For SY 2018- RIFA MS Boys gr. 5/6 C1 and C2  teams born 07-08- 9 a side competition. Playing roster 20 players.

MS boys C1 (07-08) team Training days Tues/Fri 3:15-4:40pm ES field.

MS boys C2(06-07) Training days Tues/Fri 3:15-4:40pm ES field. 

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