MS Soccer RIFA League 9 & 7 aside Festivals

MS Rifa Festival Soccer- The finals for Rifa festivals girls was played  Saturday afternoon Oct 6th. Girls results- MS Girls Gold 3rd place, MS Girls Green 2nd place, MS Girls White 2nd place. All festival teams  will continue training this week to conclude the soccer season week ending Oct 12th.

Oct 6 *ONLY FOR TEAMS THAT QUALIFY- ISM C division teams did not qualify for finals this Saturday. 

For all teams we thank you for your participation at the three festivals and please be advised training will continue up until the end of next week, week ending Oct 12th.

MS Boys/Girls Rifa Festival team rosters,  festival dates and venues for the 2018-19 SY are posted to the link below now tryouts have concluded.


RAINY SEASON/EXTREME WEATHER EVENTS- As we are in the rainy season please be aware of the procedures for any weather related cancellation. Please check the link for information if you are unsure if an event will be held due to extreme weather…Extreme weather cancellation procedures

Parents please note*-  Our goal is to get as many MS soccer players involved in teams and avoid having to ‘cut’ children after tryouts. Some considerations taken into account in team selection are; the number of teams we are allowed to enter into the league,  the number of players allowed on each team(roster size) and team balance such that all teams will have an opportunity to do well and enjoy the festival competition.

Parents/children need to be aware of the opportunity to develop leadership skills and make new friendships by playing in an ISM festivals team with children they may not normally play with.  We do not select teams based on friendship groups or if children play together in club teams outside of school.

As students move through our MS program more emphasis is placed on selection of skill based teams. Our A1 MS boys 11 a side team is our strongest boys team, followed by A2 team and for our 9 a side festival competition the C1 is typically our stronger team followed by our C2 and C3 teams.

ISM enters teams to experience all that a competitive environment offers (winning, losing, team camaraderie, playing with sportsmanship etc). Coaches will endeavour to share playing time among the squad of team members on festival days but there is no guarantee that all players will get the same amount of playing time.

If your child has not experienced a competitive environment previously and you are unsure about their readiness it may be best to sign up for the MS AFAC recreational program or look to a club team outside of school to build skills and confidence without any competitive pressure as a first step.

MS RIFA Festival Soccer General Information- (Parents/students please ready carefully) 9 AND 7 aside RIFA Festivals Teams- Grade 5/6 boys (9 a side) and MS Girls (7 a side):

Our MS  soccer teams play in the RIFA (Rizal Football Association) League and ISM enters the teams under the age guidelines set by the RIFA League during the season from August to mid October. 

*Note ISM does not provide busing to away venues like CSA or BSM. Parents are responsible for drop-off/pick up  festival days.

Boys festival dates and venues- All C festivals will be held at BSM (British School Manila) Sept 1, 8, 22 and finals depending on results on Oct 6th.

MS Boys Midgets C1,C2,C3 teams-9  a side-C1  (Born ’07-08): Typically our younger MS Gr 5-6 boys make up the rosters for these two  teams. (Player roster is  20 players able to play in any match)  Rolling subs are allowed for festival day play.

Boys (9 a side) RIFA Festivals Dates/Venues for 2018 are usually at BSM. C1/C2 team boys festivals generally start at 8am. C3 festival starts at  1pm (arrive by 7:30am or 12:30pm)

MS Girls Soccer Teams: MS girls from grade 5-8 (born 05-08) are able to play in the RIFA Cumulative 7 a side festivals. 

(Player roster is 15 girls with 15 players able to play in any match) Coaches are Coach Mora/Jen/Unite/Bourgingnon

*Note Grade 8 girls born ’04 must play up with HS JV team as you are too old to play in the MS 7 aside League. Festival Dates for 2018 will be posted at the start of the new SY – Note dates may change at short notice. 

Festival dates and information will be posted on the MS notice board and ATAC blog.

Girls (7 a side) RIFA Festival Dates/Venues for 2018 are as follows- Sept 1, 22 and Oct 6 

All girls festivals are held at ISM  and start at 1pm (arrive by 12:40pm)

Match results in each of the festivals count toward a cumulative win/loss record and thus whether teams advance to the finals in October. The festivals are busy and full of action, please ensure your child has a towel, water bottle and sun screen with them on the day. 

GAME SCHEDULE PDF: (access to game schedule information) The ATAC game schedule pdf which is updated regularly by Triz Gonzalez (ATAC Athletics Coordinator) gives the most up to date information on where/when and who our Bearcat teams will be playing throughout the school year. Access to the game schedule is via the ISM parent portal Use this link  to access the game schedule tutorial then access the parent portal, log in with your user name/password and look for the ATAC Game Schedule tab, don’t forget to refresh the pdf page each time it opens to get the most current schedule. 


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