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RAINY SEASON/EXTREME WEATHER EVENTS- During season one S1 we are in the rainy season please be aware of the procedures for any weather related cancellation. Please check the link for information if you are unsure if an event will be held due to extreme weather…
Extreme weather cancellation procedures
Race Program dates 2017 XC season: Race results will be linked here once received.
Aug 19 XC #1 at Faith* long weekend
Fri Sept 8 XC #2 twilight race at ISM 5pm start
Fri-Sun Sept 15-17 Pre IASAS race at ISB Bangkok
Sept 23 XC #3 at Brent
Sept 30 XC #4 at Faith
Thur-Sat Oct 12-14 IASAS XC at SAS Singapore (Bedok Reservoir)
2016 MS XC team video
Fri Sept 2 Twilight meet at ISM XC Meet results Sheet at ISM Sept 2
Sat Sept 10 at Faith
Fri-Sun Sept 16-18 Pre I exchange meet at ISB
Sat Sept 24 Brent meet brent-ccy-september-24-2016-results
Sat Oct 1 Faith meet fa-meet-oct-1-2016-hs-boys
Fri Oct 21 IASAS 5km Championships 2g-2016-iasas-5k-boys 
Sat Oct 22 IASAS Time Trial Race 2h-2016-iasas-team-trial-2-7k-boys
Race Program dates 2015 XC season: Race results will be linked here once received.
Aug 15th at ISM– XC Meet results Sheet at ISM Aug 15
Sept 5th at Brent
Sept 12th at Faith CC09-12-15
Sept 18-20 Exchange weekend at Kuala Lumpur meet cancelled due to smoke haze in KL
Sept 26th at Faith Final_Results_CC_FAITH_26SEPT2015
Oct 7-11, 2015 IASAS XC at Bangkok 
iasas boys 5km race results
iasas girls 5km race results
 iasas 3km time trial results
Race Program dates 2014 XC season: Race results will be linked here once received.
Aug 30th at Brent– Brent XC meet race #1 2014
Sept 13 Varsity exchange at ISB
Sept 13 at Faith – Faith XC results Sept 13
Sept 20 at Faith- Cancelled due to bad weather
Sept 27 at BrentBrent xc results Sept 27, 2014
Oct 3 Friday twilight race at ISM XC Meet results ISM Oct 3 2014
Fri Oct 17 IASAS 5km race at Manila Polo Club
IASAS Cross Country Race results 5km boys
IASAS Cross Country Race results 5km girls
Sat Oct 18 IASAS Team relay race at ISM campus 
Race Results 2013: See links to season race results below-
Brent CCY 5k Results – August 31, 2013 Brent CCY 32k Results – August 31, 2013
Final XC Meet results at ISM sept 6 2013
boys xc pre I results TAS  girls xc pre I results TAS
 1 XC Meet 9-14-13 @ Faith
XC Meet 9-28-13 Faith 
Boys 5km and team relay results links- 
Girls 5km and team relay results links- 
Race Results 2012:

1st CC Meet @Faith 2012

Twilight XC Meet results at ISM 2012,%202012%20-%203.2k%20Results.pdf

TAS exchange 5km Results Sept 15

Faith XC meet results

3.2km MS race-,%202012%20-%203.2k%20Results.pdf

5.0km HS race-,%202012%20-%205k%20Results.pdf

HS Results,%202012%20-%205k%20Results.pdf

IASAS Oct 10-14 ISKL Empangan Batu Boys Individual Race

ISKL Empangan Batu Individual Girls Race

Clink links for season race results from 2011:

XC race 1 Results @ Faith

Brent International Cross Country 3.2K – September 3, 2011 – Results

Brent International Cross Country 4.3K – September 3, 2011 – Results

Faith xc results Sept 24th

XC Meet results at ISM Sept 30, 2011

Brent Cross Country Meet-Oct 8, 2011-3.2K Results

Brent Cross Country Meet-Oct 8, 2011-5K Results

iasasboys 2011 5km results

Final XC time trial IASAS Results 2011

iasasgirls 2011 5km results

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