Week 1 Aug 6-10, 2018

Posted 9:30am- Due to heavy rains, all after school training and activities are cancelled today, 8/13/18. Students should leave campus promptly at 3pm!

ES RIFA Soccer Teams update-

ES/MS girls players there will be one additional tryout on Mon Aug 13. Please check your training venue. Cancelled due to heavy rains

ES Boys E1/E2 and G1/G2 teams will be posted HERE by Monday 12 noon. Tuesday 5pm All boys who tried out last week should attend Tuesday training Aug 14th.

ES boys C4 team is now posted HERE

MS Boys C1/C2/C3 teams are now posted HERE 

MS A1/A2 teams will be posted HERE by Monday 5pm

ES Girls 5 a side team will be posted HERE  by Tues 12 noon 

MS Girls 7 a side teams will be posted HERE  by Tues 12 noon

MS Girls Volleyball teams will be posted on ATAC notice board by Tuesday next week there is one additional session on Monday.  Training today Aug 13th cancelled teams will be posted by Tuesday 5pm.

MS Boys volleyball team is now posted HERE

Welcome back all returning families and a big welcome to all our new ISM families.  We are excited to have the halls buzzing with children again from Monday and have our athletics program starting strong for another school year with tryouts for our all year round teams and season sports teams. Schedules are posted on notice boards around the school and Tryouts/Practice schedules information is linked… HERE 

The ATAC (Athletics&Activities) Department hopes you will all have a successful start to the school year. Please take the time to navigate the ATAC blog as it is our one stop shop for all information related to the competitive ISM sports program. We are planning for a big year of sports at ISM in SY 18-19. We host IASAS Swimming in January along with volleyball, rugby and  softball exchanges in Sept, Nov and March.  All of these IASAS events will be fantastic to host and we look forward to our community support to cheer on our Bearcats teams and to host  our visiting IASAS athletes.

HS students need to register for seasonal and all year round sports teams in order to tryout. Go here follow the information to complete the registration and be all set to go for tryouts for the new school year. MS students do not need to register just show up to the venues and your coaches will take your information.

TRYOUTS WEEK- Tryouts for our competitive teams start this week and on Aug 15 registration opens for the ES/MS activities program.

August 8 9, 10- ES Rifa League Soccer tryouts begin. Complete the registration form HERE to sign up for soccer tryouts and other ES competitive team tryouts you are interested in.

RIFA soccer is a competitive soccer program for season 1 only and is open to Grade 1-4 students. PLEASE REGISTER in advance for tryouts starting on Wed Aug 8, Aug 9 and Aug 10. See schedule for venues on the sign up document and more detailed information on the Rifa festival soccer program can be found at ES Rifa Festival information 
Tryouts for S1 MS/HS sports: 
(Soccer/Volleyball/Cross Country)

1st season tryouts for HS- Aug 6, 7, 8, ​9 and  MS Aug 8, 9, 10. Please check schedules carefully for times and venues. Links to schedules are posted below and flyers are on the divisional notice boards around school. Students will also be advised at start of year assemblies information about tryouts for season 1 sports and for our all year round sports teams.

Please note*-Grade 8 girls and boys interested in trying out for soccer and who are born 2004 must tryout for the HS Girls JV or HS Boys Aspirants teams. Gr 8’s born 2004 are too old to play in the Rifa league MS girls festival teams or the MS boys A1/A2 soccer teams. Born ’04 gr.8’s must attend HS soccer tryouts.

Aug 6-9 HS S1 Tryouts (Soccer/Volleyball/XCountry)

Aug 8-10 MS S1 Tryouts(Soccer/Volleyball/XCountry)

Aug 8-10 ES Rifa soccer tryouts Grade 1-4 boys and Grade 3 & 4 girls.

Aug 8-10 All Year Round Team tryouts see schedules page on this blog for details

Information on our ES/MS Activities program is also available on the ES and MS Activities blogs. Links to these blogs are on the helpful shortcuts menu on the home page of the ATAC blog.

For ES and MS soccer players who are scheduled to use the roof top tennis courts for tryout sessions please make sure you bring PE shoes, shinguards and your soccer cleats to each session. It is best to have both types of shoes in case there is a venue change due to inclement weather.  Soccer cleats cannot be worn on the tennis court surface.

For our Sailfish swim team program please check information about tryouts at Sailfish blog

For gymnastics team information please check Gymnastics blog for returning and new gymnasts tryout information.  Look for Coach Jas or Coach Ramon at the MS gym on Aug 8 and 10.

Please note the practice times for ATAC programs for SY 18-19 are as follows:
  • All year round team team training sessions are – 3:15-4:30. See schedule for our All year round teams program here
  • See Sailfish blog for swim squad start and finish times after the tryouts period has concluded and squads have been finalised.
  • Gymnastics team training is  3:10-4:50pm every M,W,F
All HS seasonal teams practice from 3:05- 4:50pm.
MS seasonal teams practice 3:15-4:45pm.
In order to clear the campus prior to 5pm all after school programs will conclude by 4:50pm or earlier. The last bus is 4:55pm  this is due to the ever increasing traffic concerns in our area.

Parents and students please take some time to peruse the ATAC blog it has a wide variety of information and links to our sports and activities program. If you have any questions regarding the competitive program of sports at ISM after reading the information on the blog please send an email to pekinm@ismanila.org and I will assist you as best I can.

Bearcat Den- drop by our fantastic spirit store. There is a  a range of products and items to purchase including items from our service partners.

Bearcat Den hours of operation- 7am-4pm Mon-Fri.

GO BEARCATS…in 2018-19!