ATAC Announcements: Sept 17



Teams involved:

 ES Midgets C2 (Coach Chris)

ES Midgets E1 (Coach Popoy)

ES Midgets E2 (Coach Mike)

ES Midgets G (Coach Besa)

 MS Midgets C1 (Coach Eric)

MS Girls 3 teams: (Coach’s Kleng, Chris, Rudy)

 RIFA Festivals
Remaining Dates/Venues – Boys:

  • Sat Sept 25th @ Xavier School (Greenhills) 12:30-5pm
  • Sat Oct 9th @ Ateneo (Katipunan Ave) 7:30am – Noon

 Girls RIFA Remaining Festival Dates/Venues:

  • Sat Oct 9th @ Ateneo (Katipunan Ave) 12:30pm-5pm 


Midgets B teams with Coach Rudy and Coach Jay will play on  Oct 2nd at Alabang Country Club from 8:30am – 4pm


Regular Opening Hours for the Bearcat Den:

Mon, Wed and Fridays from 11:30am – 1:00pm  and 2:30pm – 4:00pm

If you would like to join the Bearcat Den team of volunteers and contribute to school life with a fun group of people please drop by the den to find out more or email Chantal Wanten to have your name put on the den roster.

Dri-Fit Polo – ladies 300
Dri-Fit Polo – men 300
Jogging Pants – men’s/green 450
Shorts – Mesh – ISM 250
Shorts – Paw Print – black or green 200
Shorts – Spandex – black, ladies’ 300
Shorts – Spandex – black, mens’ 350
Tarpaulin Envelope Bag 150
Tarpaulin Messenger Bag 600
Tarpaulin Shopping Tote Bag 300

– NEW DESIGN, Large Size: 1,300
– NEW DESIGN, Small Size: 1,100
– OLD DESIGN, Large Size only (small size is sold out):
NEW merchandise COMING SOON (clappers, pencil cases, water bottles)


ISM is excited to be hosting this year’s ISTA Middle School Theatre Festival!  The International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) facilitates two MS festivals each year in Asia, which provide an amazing opportunity for international students from around the world to engage in new theatrical experiences and to develop skills that will deepen their passion for performance.  As a school, ISM has been a proud supporter and participator of ISTA, and we now have the opportunity to give the participants an experience they will never forget!  We will be hosting the first ever Musical Theatre ISTA festival, and we are very excited about welcoming other international students to the Philippines and to our wonderful school. 

 The ISM ISTA Festival will take place November 19-21 (Friday to Sunday), and will involve as many as 100 students from other countries, as well as our own ISM participants.  As with any event, the whole ISM community has the opportunity to get involved in this Middle School event.  The most significant way for the ISM community to get involved is to provide housing for the visiting students.  If you are able to host some students, you may contact the ATAC Office and/or the Fine Arts Office at and/or .  Most guests will arrive on November 18th and will depart on either November 21st or 22nd.  If you would like to help out with organization or facilitation during the ISTA Festival, you may also contact Vicki Close in the Fine Arts Office ( for more details on how you can help. 

 More information about ISTA  can be found at

 We look forward to this fantastic event, and this excellent opportunity for ISM to “show Manila proud”!

Vicki Close

Performing Arts Director

John Mulhall

MS Drama Faculty

 Mark Pekin

ATAC Director